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It's ALL about the Brief


When we design your site, we need a design brief.

Unfortunately, we’re not psychic so a well written design brief helps us get inside your head and create what YOU want.

At a basic level a design brief needs to include:-

  • different sections you want to have now  eg: homepage – gallery – contact form – statistics
  • text you want to use in those sections
  • photographs and images you want to use in the design (not the gallery ones)

Think about this carefully & make sure we everything that we needs to make YOUR website happen. If you want your website to grow then we need to know about it right from the start or we “could” make design decisions that could make it virtually impossible without redesigning the whole site.

For more complicated sites like social networks or membership sites, a detailed brief is VERY important. Unless you’re prepared to get what we want to give you, there’s nothing to be gained by pointing at a number of similar sites and saying “I want what they’ve got” it’s way too vague and mistakes WILL happen.

Create a detailed brief in a word document, including the site structure (site map) and any buying processes in a step-by-step format. This will ensure we have a definitive idea as to what is actually required and we can get on with their development in an effective manner.

The time you spend on preparation will pay dividends when it comes to development and it will ensure a troublefree delivery.

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