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NeoPixel Digital Design Studio in Luton - Blog - So you want a website?

So you want a website?

But you don't know how to get started or what to do?

From our point of view, here's 3 steps you really need to complete before contacting us to build your web project.

1. Buy a Domain Name

One of the first things you need for a website is your domain name and hosting.

We prefer that you register your own domain name as they should legally be yours. We can work with whoever you register with to direct the site to the proper hosting.

There are many companies on the internet where you can register your domains and sign up for a hosting package. If we build your site we can host your new web site on our server but if you want full control then we recommend the following domain name and hosting provider. For most websites you'll only need the starter hosting package.

Domain names from

2. Create a Sitemap

The starting point of any website is the sitemap. All you need to do is provide us with a bulletted list in word or other text editor with the page names you require your website to have.

For example a brochure website might consist of:

  • Home
  • About
  • Products/Services
  • Contact
  • Gallery

We can start with a small list and expand as we go through the requirements for your website.

3. Write some Content

Once you have the sitemap its relatively easy to create a word doc with headings and textual content for each page. If you find this really difficult then we have a copywriting service that will take any sentence you can write and expand it into readable text.

This is just to get us started, you can always change it later by using the content management system or shopping cart admin.

As for images, you can't just take images off google as they might be copyrighted and it's highly likely you'll get a nasty letter or email asking for money.

If you don't opt to have photos taken by us then you can use a stock photo site like 123rf  

Stock Photos from 123RF

With a bit of prior planning and work we'll be able to build you a website that will match your requirements in half the time.


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