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Concrete5 Responsive Websites

Fed up of using website systems that simply don’t work? Do you find that your website looks great on one device but not on another? We feel you!

Neopixel are here to give you an easy ride. We understand that creating a website is a long process, but it’s vital if you want to showcase your business and gain some interest, so we’ve made things easy for you. Our website packages take away the pain from getting a really great looking website up and running on any device. Whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile rest assured your business will look great on them all!

Why you need a responsive website

Ask yourself, do I own a tablet or mobile? Now think about the last time you looked at a website, maybe this one even? We bet your bottom dollar that you’re looking at it on a handheld mobile device – right!

With the dramatic rise in mobile devices available and the even larger rise in mobile users, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if your website wasn’t adapted to this change. Modern day web users are pretty impatient. In fact, you have between 3-5 seconds to impress someone before they hop over to a competitor’s site, so long loading times and sloppy page design is simply a “no no” if you want anyone to stay with you.

You need a website that grows with you, your business and the modern world so trust us when we say we can give you a hand.


  • 5 or 10 page packages
  • Modern responsive design
  • CMS to edit and add new pages
  • Hundreds of plugins available to customise your site
  • Skype training

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