Content Marketing

Social Networking

The popularity of social networking has increased significantly over the years. It has become one of the most effective ways for small businesses to market their brand on the internet.

To get involved simply sign up to all the major players. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Linkedin are the best ones to start your campaign with.

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Search Engines

While it’s possible to increase traffic using social media, it’s also important that your website structure and content is optimised for search engines to index.

Populating your site with relevant content and presenting it in the right way  can be the difference between being number 1 or being nowhere at all in the rankings.

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Engaging Visitors

Even if you’ve got the attention of social network users and you’ve made the search engines happy, there are still ways to market your website using other forms of digital marketing.

Things like writing interesting blogs and sending out compelling newsletters can be effective if it’s done right.

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